Saturday Oct 01, 2022

Next few hours crucial for Damian Browne as Project Empower Row nears the end

A journey that started nearly sixteen weeks ago and featured a distance of almost 5000 kms across one of the most ferocious and unforgiving stretches of water on the planet is nearing the end with the news that adventurer Damian Browne is now within sight of Ireland after leaving New York last June.

Known as the Project Empower Row, it featured Damien and Fergus Farrell with the plan of rowing unsupported across the Atlantic Ocean.

A row of this type to Galway has never been attempted before and if successful will also make Browne the first ever man in history to row across the Atlantic in both directions and climb Mount Everest.

The row began on June the 15th when passing waypoint 1 at 4.12am and there had been a fear yesterday that the Row would not finish in Galway as currents had driven him south eastwards.

However, conditions improved and with Damian passing waypoint number 290 just off the coast of Kerry, there is now a real hope that he will be able to go up the coast to the finish.

Macdara Hosty is assisting Damian in managing the Project Empower Row and he told John Mulligan that the next nine hours will be critical if Damian is to finish the row in Galway.

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